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Curated by Karen Comer Lowe, Gallery Director, Chastain Arts Center

There is no shortage of reasons for a Black man to want to fly — to leave the country that often turns its back to them. Flight is a posture of freedom: freedom of thought, of restriction, of oppression. Through these works, we explore the concept of flight as it relates to the idea of Black masculinity. The recent senseless murders of unarmed Black men — such as Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain, George Floyd and so many others — during this year, magnifies the disregard of the existence of the Black male. His masculinity is often revered or reviled.

Through painting, photography and drawing, “Soar” asks you to look up and imagine what freedom feels like. To release, if only for a moment. To dream without restriction, to name yourself and become anything you want to be. To be truly free.


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